In Braih we believe that the world is better by bicycle and, to travel it, it is better to be on bicycles with soul and overwhelming personality.

At Braih we connect two worlds that we are passionate about: that of motorcycles and that of bicycles. For this reason, we design and manufacture electric bicycles of great power and technology, which have their own design and character.

Our Super e-Bikes are a unique combination of performance, connectivity and exclusivity, perfect for getting around.

super e-bikes

Our Super e-Bikes are handmade at our headquarters in Barcelona, in a process in which we put all our passion and knowledge. What means products of the highest quality and guarantee. A set that fuses unmatched reliability with the selection of the best components.

Like our bicycles, at Braih we add the industrial experience of many years of leading the manufacture of components for trial and circuit motorcycles, with the experience of two decades in international digital commerce, developing the most important D2C brands of the bicycle industry in the world.