Braih, Super e-Bikes… Super Warranty

At Braih we are very convinced of the quality and reliability of our Super e-Bikes, that’s why we also offer you a super guarantee. All our frames (including: chassis, swingarm and subframe) are covered by a 5-year commercial warranty.


For the rest of the parts and components that come with your Braih you will have the mandatory legal guarantee of two years from the date of delivery.


Commercial Guarantee

The commercial guarantee applies exclusively to the first buyer, of a particular nature, whose name must appear on the original purchase invoice and will be valid from the date of purchase of the product. This warranty covers manufacturing defects in the material and excludes any damage caused by wear, fatigue of the material due to improper use or damage caused by accidents. The expenses derived from the assembly of components are excluded, as well as labor, transport and customs costs, if applicable.

Legal Guarantee

The legal guarantee will be valid from the moment of delivery of the product. The legal guarantee applies to the nature of the product and not to the buyer. Manufacturing defects of the material will be covered, excluding any defect in use, caused by wear, fatigue of the material due to improper use or damage caused by accidents. The costs of labor and transportation will be covered by Braih.

Guarantee to Companies

All products whose invoice is linked to a company, will be covered by 1 year warranty, not being applicable to the voluntary commercial guarantee or the legal guarantee for individuals. Transport costs arising from any repairs and the labor resulting therefrom shall be excluded.

How to process a guarantee?

In order to correctly process a guarantee you must complete the following form, indicating your data, customer number and a clear description of the problem presented by your Braih. It is important that you also attach the original purchase invoice as well as clear photos where you can see the complete bicycle and more detailed photographs of the damaged area or that requires some kind of action. The clearer and better quality the photographs, the faster and better we can help you.